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Commission Terms

Upon commissioning me, you hereby agree to my terms of service. Please read before inquiring.

Send your inquiries to Nukeillustration(@) (without parentheses) and provide a thorough description about what you are looking for. This includes: Type of commission, Contact information, References/script/inspiration


  • I will always quote you a price and negotiate before starting, depending on complexity the prices may vary. If the project is above $100 we can discuss payment plans. You may also request a low-res WIP at any time, but I will automatically send you a sketch concept for approval before going further (for full pieces only, does not include busts/icons/small pieces)

  • I accept Paypal, USD. Upon approval of quote I will send your email a Paypal invoice. Once paid, I will start. If doing partial payments, once the first payment is through I will start.  If prompted, please uncheck any shipping information as most of my services are strictly digital goods unless we discuss otherwise. 

  • Tips are greatly appreciated, but not required! 

I have the right to deny any request should I deem it unfit for inappropriate:

Things I WILL NOT do:

  • Hardcore fetish/NSFW porn 

  • Anything racist/sexist/demeaning/etc. 

  • Social/political commentary 

Things I CAN do:

  • Original character designs/character turnaround & prop sheets 

  • Furries, humans, D&D Characters

  • Tasteful NSFW (Nudity, cuddles, etc. we can discuss specifics and I will let you know)

  • Light gore/blood

  • Fan characters/fan content for existing properties if it is allowed 


  • A full refund will be given if the commission has not been started upon request. A partial refund will be determined based on the status of the commission, ie. If you order a full body, colored character, if you request a refund and I am in the sketch stage, I will deduct the price of a sketch and refund the difference back to you. 

  • I do not spend or withdraw the money until the commission is 100% completed and approved

  • If something is to come up on my end and I cannot finish your commissin, I will immediately notify you and issue a full refund. 


  • The commissioner may repost and alter the image however they like, so long as my signature and credit remain within the piece. 

  • No commercial use or reselling of the piece unless I am provided a contract and permission


  • An average illustrated piece typically will take 2-4 weeks to complete. I will immediately notify you if it will take any longer and we can discuss from there. Should you need it sooner, please advise to make sure I have the time. 

Fixes & Edits

  • Throughout the process, especially for full scale illustrations, I will send regular WIPs for approval where you can suggest small changes in design. I cap changes around 3-4 fixes if they are pretty minor. 

  • I will charge a $5 fee for every major/minor change needed after completion of the commission. 

Email me at any time if you have additional questions, thank you! 

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